Walking and Pacing

Walking and Pacing-Part 1

Hi, Remission Biome. Today’s video is going to be on walking and pacing and how to pace so you can actually walk and keep your heart rate down. And, it’s coming from, check this out, the river right near my sister’s apartment. And, this is the walk that I always used to do when I lived here. So, pretty exciting that I’ve been able to start doing that again.

So, I have a couple of tips and tricks for you. The first thing that I do when I go for a walk is, I actually sit. So here, I would go down the elevator, I’d go outside and I’d sit at the front door until my heart rate goes down again. By the time I’ve gone down standing up in the elevator, it’s always going up to about high 70s. And so, I always wait for it to go down to about the high 60s before I actually start the walk. So, that’s the very first thing I do.

The second thing that I do is I don’t talk and walk and that for me sends my heart rate sky-high and even right now I’m having a little bit of problems talking while doing this video. Because I’m part of the way into my walk, so. That’s done really in no no. My resting heart rate is around 55 and so, I set my HR alert at 80. I’m using a chest strap and whenever I see on my watch or I feel like I get an alert I actually sit immediately and I wait for the heart rate to drop about 10 BPM. And then, I get up and I continue my walk. another thing that I do is I walk very very slowly. And, you can test this for yourself and it’s quite quite incredible. Doing a walk at a normal pace will almost always increase your heart rate about 10 beats per minute more than what it would be is if you really really slowed down. And, if the point of your walk like for me it’s not just exercise. I want to get out of the house, I want to enjoy nature, I just want to do something different, I actually want to try to extend that walk as long as possible. So doing it as slowly as possible is a really positive thing to do.

Lastly, I use a breathing technique when I walk which involves a very slow breath in through the nose and a longer breath out through the nose. So, this breathing technique I find actually keeps my heart rate lower and it keeps my breathing very steady. So I breathe in for 6 beats and I breathe out for 7 beats. And if I can’t keep this up during my walk, I know that my heart and my lungs are under too much strain.

And finally, the Frontier that I’m using actually calculates heart strain which is a really great metric, which is going to tell us whether I’m actually pushing too far. So, I make sure that I set my heart strain at a low enough level so that it doesn’t actually beat at me while I’m doing my walk.

Well, I hope this was helpful and I hope you have a great day and I hope that some these pacing tips and techniques can be used to help you walk. Bye, Remission Biome.

Walking and Pacing-Part 2

Hi, Remission Biome. I just finished my walk today and it was great. I hadn’t actually walked for a couple days because I was doing other things. I was going in the pool, I was going in the sauna. So, walking has been on the back burner for a little while. But, it’s a beautiful day here in Vancouver and so, I really wanted to walk. It was pretty pleased all-in-all. My heart rate went above 81, so I only got one beep and it started climbing a couple times. So, I actually took about 5 small breaks during the walk. And actually just sat down. At one point there was no bench near me, so I just sat on the ground and that’s fine, right?

These are the things that we have to do. The amazing thing about stopping and resting during your walks is how quickly your heart rate actually falls. If your heart rate has increased within a couple of seconds, it should actually decrease about 10 points and then you can start walking again safely. If you notice you’re getting out of breath, this is really a signal that you’re doing too much and you’re actually getting heart strain while you walk. So, that’s why walking and talking is really not a great idea.

All-in-all, I’m pretty pleased. Pretty fun to see all the dogs on the walk such as these ones. And the bikers such as these ones. And feel like I’m living life a little bit walking along the edge of this beautiful river. Well, I hope you have a great day. Bye, Remission Biome.

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