The Vagus Nerve

Hi, Remission Biome. We’ve been talking about vagus today on Twitter and the vagus. You can really think about it as the information superhighway in the body. If the body is composed of road networks or train networks, this is the main line. This is the system that is going to the gut-brain axis. It’s connecting all of your organs in your nervous system, the immune system, is involved in vagal tone. And as a highway, bacteria can travel up and down that highway from the gut potentially to the brain. The vagus is involved in stress reactions. It’s involved in the inflammatory stress response and it’s involved in the SNS and the sympathetic, so the sympathetic nervous system as well as the parasympathetic nervous system.

So, the vagus is really one of these central hubs in the body in terms of physiology where we can make a difference, where our interventions can actually shift things. And, for many of us, we’re extremely sick, one intervention is not going to cut it. So, of course we recommend at Remission Biome that people do yoga nidra which is a lying down meditation, where you just work on calmness and sensation in the body. But for many of us, yoga nidra is actually over-stimulating. It is actually SNS activating. And, you’re actually going to need other techniques and other interventions at the same time to actually enable you to start getting the system under control. And, this is where we recommend layering interventions like PR lotion, like the Nurosym, like taking adaptogenic herbs and doing humming, doing vagal exercises. There’s great lessons on YouTube that you can access in terms of vagal exercises. And different breathing exercises can help activate the vagus.

We also know that there might be some pharmaceutical and supplements that can actually help do this. And, one of the combos we’ve been looking at is inosine plus agmatine plus galantamine. And, I’ve done a trial of this for a month and I actually did achieve a reduction in SNS overactivity. So, I’m actually waiting for my next delivery of inosine to continue the experiment and I can definitely say that my SNS was in better shape during that month than it is right now.

So, really focusing on the vagus nerve is one of the most important things that you can do. And in terms of Remission Biome, we have 3 things that we really focus on in prep. And, this is neuroinflammation and then the gut and then the third thing is vagal prep. So, following the different pieces, following the different interventions for vagal prep is one of the best things you can do for ME/CFS and Long Covid regardless of whether you’re actually doing the Remission Biome protocol at all. And, we do have a number of different suggestions to get at the vagus from a number of different angles. And, for those of us that have been sick for a long time or are very sick, we’re going to have to use multiple interventions to really cause a shift here.

Well, I hope this was helpful and I hope you all have a really great day. I actually subluxed my pelvis this morning. So, my day is not going as well as I had hoped. I’m stuck in bed and can’t move. But hopefully, I will be able to get back on my feet in a day or so. Okay, ciao Remission Biome. Hope you guys all have a really great day.

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