The growth of RemissionBiome

Graph showing the total funding, including sponsors, donations, and a grant from Balvi, that the RemissionBiome project received from September 2022 through January 2023. The first funding was on November 17 and then grew exponentially.
Tweet saying: Like most @remissionbiome ‘stories’, the story of the Balvi grant is worth telling. @ales_frost did not even tell me @chydorina that she applied. I found out AFTER we got the award. Its actually one of the most amazing aspects of finding the right collaborators 1/2
Tweet saying: – we ACT – rather than just talk. It’s what drives progress. @ales_frost said something along the lines of “oh I have a surprise/gift for you” and dropped the @VitalikButerin Balvi funding. She whipped the application together and BOOM!
Tweet saying: I don’t think people really get this about successful organizations/projects. ‘Meetings’ are actually rare. I would say we tell each other the specifics of what we are up to about 15% of the time. Not very often. We mostly just keep the balls rolling and ya, ACT.

2 responses to “The growth of RemissionBiome

  1. Daya G. Avatar
    Daya G.

    Wow, this is such an exciting project that you two are embarking upon! I’m looking forward to reading your blog updates, insights and experiences regarding this experiment💙

  2. MERVE TEPE Avatar

    This project is close to my heart. I am so glad that I came across you on Twitter. I am looking forward to helping you and reading the findings. Blessings to all 💙

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