The full protocol video and transcript

The Whole Protocol Video Transcript

Hi, Remission Biome. Today I’m talking about the entire protocol for Remission Biome. It’s composed of three phases and the entire process actually takes about ninety days.

For the first thirty days, we’re in the preparation phase. And, this is where we use probiotics and anti-neuroinflammatories and vagal stimulation to get our systems into the best possible shape so that we don’t have an adverse response to the antibiotics and so that our chances of actually having a Remission Biome event are really high.

The second phase only lasts for three days or kind of a week, if you want to think about it that way. We take three days of amoxiclav and we also start one of our tetracyclines doxycycline. After three days on the amoxiclav, day four, we hope we have the Remission Biome event and during this phase we’re also taking a suite of other products including beta-caryophyllene and apigenin and PEA and really specific probiotics, specific down to the exact strain that we think will actually help create the metabolic conditions and the metabolites we need to trigger the Remission Biome event.

In stage three, and this happens twenty one days after we start the amoxiclav and the doxycycline, we start a twenty one day course of minocycline. And both doxycycline and minocycline are very effective neuro anti-inflammatories and this is why we’re taking them. We’re not actually using these antibiotics as antibiotics per se.

In this last phase, we’re also reseeding the gut microbiome. So we’re using an entirely different suite of products in this phase than we’re using in phase one, the prep phase, phase two, the active antibiotic phase, and then phase three.

And in subsequent videos I will go through all of these in a lot of details. This video is really meant to just focus on the fact that Remission Biome is like a ninety day plus self experiment. So this is not a fly-by-night trial.

I hope this was helpful. I hope you have a great day and I hope you follow us at RemissionBiome dot org. Bye, Remission Biome.

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