WARNING: If people do not do either proper prep (gut or MCAS or pathogen) or have a pre-existing autoimmune condition they are much more likely to trigger negative side effects (like serious MCAS or autoimmune flares). Without doing the proper Biomesight and Cyrex testing ahead of time they run the risk of having a pathogen explosion (like with any antibiotics) and making themselves much sicker. If they have a undiagnosed autoimmune condition (and 30% of us might – if not more), they run the risk of triggering a serious autoimmune flare. If they have untreated MCAS, they will most likely have an MCAS flare.

All of these are general risks of antibiotics and are not specific to RemissionBiome, but in our patient population the underlying comorbidities like MCAS and autoimmunity make this much riskier than in the general healthy population. “Flares” make symptom exacerbations sound like they are not much of a big deal but they are not of minor significance. All the above risks could land them in the hospital.

We are not yet ready to proclaim we are done – before we are – we need testing and the testing needs to be thorough and documented and RemissionBiome is only just getting off the ground. If people just try the protocol without doing the critical pre-testing and without doing the safety prep they risk not only their own health but the existence of the protocol for anyone in the future. Please don’t put RemissionBiome at risk.

The protocol that we started with going into the experiment in March

Everything below is what we did as part of our self-experiment. We’re continually updating the protocol as we learn from our experiment. A new version is not ready to be shared yet.

The RemissionBiome protocol uses antibiotics, specific strains of probiotics, and anti-neuroinflammatory supplements. The probiotics we’re using at the same time as the antibiotics were picked because they produce tryptophan metabolites that can get into the brain and affect sickness behavior and neuroinflammation.

This protocol is not meant to correct dysbiosis and is not a general wellness plan for ME/CFS or Long COVID.