How Dr T keeps her supplements and interventions organized?

Hi, Remission Biome. I often get asked how I organize all of my supplements and medications. I do have a lot of them. The thing is I have a couple hundred things in my cabinet but I don’t actually use a hundred things all at the same time. I really cycle through my supplements and I focus on different pathways and different issues for a couple weeks and for a couple months. And then, I move on to something else and then I cycle back. I do of course have my daily standards. But, I wanted to show you guys a setup that I started working on in the last year which I really love.

So, these are my supplement racks and I actually have four of these. I’m just showing you three and you can see the tinctures organized there at the top. And then, there’s interventions as well as supplements. And, I have them organized so that I can hit sort of like one level at night or one level in the morning or different sections dealing with different issues. I have some additional drawers in the kitchen too. But, this is pretty much what we’re talking about. And then, I have an entire rack like this in my bedroom next to my bed which has the things that I’m using constantly throughout the day and all of my different interventions.

I actually really find that keeping things obvious out in the open helps me to remember to do it. And on those days where you really feel like even doing the interventions and taking the supplements is almost too much, this really helps me with my organization. I really don’t take standard supplements every single day out of every single week. So, I’m constantly varying things just a little bit. So for me, pill boxes are never really an option. But, I love these shelves. You can get them at Ikea as well as other places like Michaels Art Store. They’re pretty cheap and they’re just really great.

Anyways, I hope you all have a great day and I will, too. Bye, Remission Biome.

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