Changing Behavior to Avoid Crashing-The Rest Test

Hi, Remission Biome. I think we were all pretty excited that the talk given by Dr. Ron Davis came online today. And so, I just wanted to focus on it because there’s a few aspects to it that are just really exciting.

Now, of course, we all like to hear about cures and the title of his talk is “Is ME/CFS Curable?” and his conclusion is yes. So, that’s great. We should all feel a lot of hope. I know, I do. He also discusses treatment possibilities in terms of the itaconate pathway. And, there’s an ongoing effort to actually find these drugs and to find different molecules that can affect this pathway according to what the model suggests.

However, I think the really exciting thing that Ron suggests is that rest is a treatment that we can all use immediately that should theoretically work and for some people it absolutely does. And, this is what the rest test of Remission Biome is all about. It’s about not crashing. If crashing itself is what keeps us stuck into illness and there’s definitely some suggestions that this is what’s going on, the solution then is to not crash. And many people have actually found that after incredibly rigorous pacing, never allowing their heart rate to increase, never allowing themselves to crash, they actually start to consistently increase their baseline. And, as Ron said this one woman that he talked to is now running 16 kilometers a day and she 100% had severe ME/CFS prior to this.

So, in the meantime, before we have a pharmaceutical option, before we have a cure that comes down from the Davis Lab and from pharma, what do we need to do? We need to actually do the rest test. We need to not crash and this is just so incredibly important in terms of not declining as well as recovery. While you’re doing Remission Biome, you need to not crash, you need to track your HR, you need to do the rest test and you need to be incredibly strict with yourself. If the opportunity, if the reality is that crashing is what keeps us stuck in this disease cycle and not crashing is an option that’s available to us just as long as we’re incredibly committed and of course have the freedom and the resources to not do it, well, this really is the lowest hanging fruit. It’s a behavioral change that we can all implement today and that is what I’m so excited about. I think this was a great talk. I really hope you all watch it and look at the slides and consider it. And also, just start the rest test, just do it. It’s no skin off your nose. Ok.

Bye, Remission Biome. Hope you all have a really great day.

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