• Vagal Interventions & HRV Videos With Transcripts

    Activate Your Parasympathetic Nervous System with Double Breath Technique: Hi, Remission Biome. So this video is on how to activate your parasympathetic system really really quickly. You don’t need anything except your body, your breath and two minutes. All you do is this you take two sharp deep breaths in with your nose and then […]

  • RemissionBiome prep week 1 and schedule

    Figure 1. Our plan for the next eight weeks We’re starting the countdown to March 12th, when we’ll start taking antibiotics. This is the beginning of the intervention phase of our experiment, the goal of which is to provoke a “RemissionBiome event”. We describe the wild, dramatic, but short-lived remission from ME/CFS that we both […]

  • RemissionBiome info session video and transcript

    This info session was recorded on January 12, 2023, so some of the information has been updated since then after we got the grant from Balvi. RemissionBiome – Info Session – Transcript Tess: Okay I guess we might as well get started. I guess you can see, you know Tamara, and I’m Tess and we’re […]

  • The first RemissionBiome podcast

    Tamara and Tess discuss the RemissionBiome project with Simon Spichak, a microbiome/gut/brain axis expert. Audio version of the podcast Remission Biome Podcast – Episode 1 – Transcript Simon: Welcome to the RemissionBiome podcast, the only podcast on the internet where you hear from two science Renegades who are trying to find out whether the microbiome […]

  • The growth of RemissionBiome

    RemissionBiome is a project designed to examine the role of antibiotics and the gut microbiome in causing temporary remission in ME/CFS. We (Tess and Tamara) each experienced a sudden, dramatic (yet short lived) remission after taking antibiotics and are planning to conduct experiments on ourselves to try to recreate those events. We will take AmoxClav […]